Another oil refinery set up in Lasbela


Last year, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif inaugurated the country’s largest oil refinery in Lasbela District of Baluchistan, which cost US $ 700,000 and the refinery of the Biko group produced 120,000 barrels of oil daily. Can produce 1.6 million tonnes of oil 2.4 million tonnes of diesel and 1.1 million tonnes of LPG annually. When such a big project starts in one area, it creates a rift in the hearts of the ancient people and gives them hope that it will change their lives and they will benefit from it.

Job opportunities in this project

This project will create job opportunities for them and the CSR Fund will start major health and education projects and provide them with facilities. Another project by the same name is Habaku Power, which is a huge project in the country and is earning billions annually. In addition to major companies like Attock Cement Company, Hubco Power, Baiko in Lusbela District, more than 400 industries are established in Lasbela.

Two main other projects

  • DG Khan Cement
  • Hubco Coal Power

At this time, another project, DG Khan Cement and Hubco Coal Power, is also being set up in Lasbela on which people’s concerns are still pending and from the Department of Environment. At the hearing, the people made a strong protest against these institutions and the public was in favor of Hubco Coal Power and in opposition. Harpur power has been demonstrated recently.  This is a 2007 project that was supposed to start in 2012 but could not be started at this time and now the government has decided to start work on it, which will be completed this year and it will produce 250 million barrels of oil daily. The project will be completed in five years and a 250 MW power plant will also be built for the project. After hearing this, in the minds of the ancient inhabitants of Lusbella who are citizens of this country, Russia of the Constitution of Pakistan and we have equal rights.

When will it be possible to follow the rights?

Will the state make it possible to protect Lusbella, which is currently between the two Port Gwadar and Karachi as the focus of the industrialists and the elimination of the ancient inhabitants of Lusbella in the wider interest of the country? Projects are being started and from 1970 until today, these industrialists have not started a CSR fund for Lesbella residents from a good school, a good hospital, a water supply scheme or a scholarship program. Except for a few hospitals with some namely medicine and some free medical campuses, there is no activity. All the things proved to be just a darn good thing for us Lesbians, and we still have these questions today.

How will the project protect the rights of Lesbella residents?

With this CSR fund, how long will the people of Lesbella establish a major health, education project?

These are the questions that are still in our minds today and if we raise our voices, we are blessed with anti-developmental titles, it is not seen that area where there are so big, projects and so many industries, there is not even a hospital where people are timely. There are no facilities available in public hospitals. There is no school that can compete with the country’s largest institutions. In a district where there is a huge oil refinery, there is not even a filling station in the Tehsil Bella where there are so many big projects in the area where there is Hubku power where thousands of megawatts of electricity is generated and there are people who have poor system load shedding and voltage reduction.

The reason why people in Utahl and Bella lose electricity for weeks is because of the lack of replacement of the main transmission line and the reason for not providing only seven billion of the transmission lines that have completed their term twenty years ago. The two industrial zones can be zero points and shallow as well. . Landlords are frustrated with the poor electricity system and have started selling the land after being disappointed by millions.

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