Iran gas project …… hopes and risks


Iran has formally inaugurated a project to supply gas through pipeline to Pakistan. In this connection, a simple but inauspicious event was held at Chah Bihar, the Iranian border point. Presidents, ministers, members of parliament from both countries participated. Arab diplomats were also present on the occasion. With the help of gas. Thus, 2,000 MW of power will be added to the system. According to the time frame of the project, this work will be completed in the next 15 months. Experts say construction costs may be higher than expected.

How wealthy is Iran

Pakistan’s political parties and the public have strongly supported this gas project, calling it an important milestone in the country’s history. Undoubtedly this historic achievement is tied to the leadership of the PPP, especially President Zardari. This is the second time since the construction of a nuclear plant, when the PPP has taken action against public pressure, rejecting US pressure. Pakistan has been in a severe energy crisis for the past several years. Our cities and villages lose 12 to 12 hours a day. The industrial area is also not protected from load shedding; the factories get gas only half a week. This situation has jammed the wheels of the economy, leaving thousands of people unemployed due to locks on factories. Domestic industries are also collapsing. Previously there was a load shedding of gas in commercial areas, now the stream has reached homes. If you run a fan, it does not burn, you do not burn the gas stove, no electricity, if you open the shop, no gas, if you take out the car, these are the conditions which have made the pockets of Pakistanis empty on one hand and their mental illness on the other.

Where does Iran rank in the world by net exports?

The international community did not help Pakistan in getting out of this swamp, though Pakistan was entitled to it, because Pakistan has spent a large part of its resources in the US war, the bulk of the aid given in this regard is consulting. Went into the pockets of US experts again. The talk of getting gas from Iran has been going on since 1996. If the international community wanted, it could have prevented the project from making a big offer to Pakistan, but the international community was limited to threats only, it did not give anything to Pakistan itself and was willing to allow it to be taken from another country. Is.

How Does Iran Rank In The World By Net Exports?

Acquisition of energy has become a life and death issue for Pakistan. It is this compulsion that has fought Mamula (Pakistan) against Shahbaz (US). The nation is very optimistic, she understands that the gas pipeline is finding its way to development and prosperity, energy crisis will lose her life, now the smoke from the chimneys will start flowing again, and all these expectations are associated with the gas project. There is nothing wrong with that. If this project is completed then it will certainly achieve what is expected.

Expectations and Expectations In place, we should also keep in mind that the gas project is also having some problems with itself. The US is very angry with Pakistan over the plan. History watchers know that the United States must try to teach its opponents a lesson, threatening sanctions, or not knowing what other tactics they will use to surround Pakistan. Due to US displeasure, Pakistan may face severe difficulties on the economic and diplomatic front. The nation is ready to make all kinds of sacrifices, but our ruling class and bureaucracy are not accustomed to talking to America blindly, so it seems that they will not be able to withstand American pressure for long.

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