America and India are worried now- New Gas Project


Even today, after the inauguration of the gas project, the United States and India are embarrassing themselves, and they are thinking that somehow the Pakistan-Iran gas project is over, then Pakistan is in an energy crisis, as it is in them today. Tragically, if the Iran-Iran gas project is over, it will certainly reinforce the conspiracy plans they have developed in relation to Pakistan, so just take a new gas pipe as an alternative to sabotaging the US-Iran gas project. Line project (TAPI) which includes Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on The blood is involved, and the United States is so dynamic in its execution that it will fulfill all its objectives and Somarica decides to create an independent company to carry out its strategic plan. And the US is taking special interest in the fact that the Pakistan-Iran gas project is over in any way, and if its TAPI project is completed soon, it will also fulfill its negative aspirations regarding Pakistan. For which he has forcibly introduced the plan of his adoption.

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Today the United States expects its introduction to be completed shortly after the completion of the Pak-Iran project, that is, 2017, it also knows that the Pak-Iran gas project continues for some reason despite the Agaris’ Tapi project. This will be completed by the end of 2014, which, upon completion of this, will make all the sufferings of Pakistan and the dead economy of Pakistan will be strengthened and Pakistan will stand on its feet.

Although it is true that the Pakistan Peoples Party’s inauguration of the Pak-Iran gas project just three days before the end of its term, on March 11, 2012, the entire Pakistani nation declared it a praiseworthy move and with that hope. Also, if this project will make Pakistan dark and bright in the dark, then it will stabilize its economy and investment in Gatomulk will also become safe and secure.

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However, the visit of our neighboring country to India and its conspirator, the newcomer, Tariqi Kapikipi, touched the finish line, and the inaugural ceremony of this Pak-Iran gas project was followed by a bright future from both Pakistan. And they seemed to be burying Pakistan’s problems, and they were also feeling that if Pakistan went through the swamp of problems then the new region would emerge as the new warlord with new ambitions and new interests. To put India at risk on its fourteenth His dream will be shattered.

He did not stay with the US even after hiding it, and it came true in his language which he had been saying to Pakistan for a while. One day the US threatened Pakistan by saying that Agarus had finalized the Pak-Iran project after India’s separation. The shape may impose economic sanctions on Pakistan, as the United States has strong reservations on the Pak-Iran gas project, but the former government of the unhealthy Pakistanis did not listen to the US and seized the US threat and intimidation, March 11.

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We can have a soft spot but they will never show their kindness to us, their hearts will always be filled with hatred and hatred for us, and when they have the opportunity they will keep us sluggish, should we India. Why not call it the preferred country of the region, but it will keep us from the enemy’s eyes, as today Mumbai attacks also Indian rule. Thighs and conspiracies prepared by the US CIA and Blackwater have proved to be a very important part, especially as the United States, which is the representative country of the infidels, supports our neighbor but an enemy country like India.

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