Potentials and Challenges in the Iranian Oil


Why is a fox a fool? Apparently, he is a pretty ‘smart and nimble animal, but with his spider, the king of the forest also seeks refuge. Capricorn and luxury are over America. Hillary Clinton, along with her army, visits Pakistan. Sometimes the accent was harsh; the flowers were falling down. We all breathed Sikhs were all devoted to the feeling of “victory”. Our stand on Afghanistan is the US position. As Americans “surrendered” in front of us.

Why did the endings be so kind?

With the change in the tone of the US Foreign Minister, President Hamid Karzai instilled in his “everlasting” love for Pakistan. India not only voted for Pakistan to become a permanent member of the Security Council but our ambassador, our former enemy. Lobbying in our favor also ‘Amin Fahim, the head of our trade delegation, showed flags of “successes”. India has directed Pakistan to remove barriers to access to the European Union. Achievements on all sides. Why did this “miracle” finally happen? The Indian helicopter and its crew were honorably dispatched.

What was hidden behind the soft forecast?

The Indian government and the media have built bridges of praise for our soldier. As a Pakistani, I think about all this, and the wanderer wants to be in awe — such love from enemies. God bless! But a little news ‘revealing inside the news’ reveals fear in the stomach. One was taken away. Our Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Dr Asim, threw the hoop “We will also keep up with the global pressure on taking gas from Iran”. The real issue has come to the fore is the real pursuit of the philosophy of “take something and give something”. What does “global pressure” mean? For our rulers, America is the whole world. Hillary admonished Pakistan with the words sent in love, “Pakistan should not take gas from Iran because Iran is a dangerous neighbor to all its neighbors”. We will hang the gas issue from Iran. They will hang until the green signal from the US arrives. Instead, we will not get gas from anywhere, but US forces will not invade Pakistan and Pakistan will have to play some role in the “windup” of the Afghan problem.

What is “Take and Give”?

Pakistan, whose life will shudder without gas and embrace economic death. Billions of dollars will be lost each year. Factory chimneys will be closed ‘stoves will be cold and street protests’ in the streets. But they will not take gas from Iran because the United States has to tighten around Iran. It has to impose aggression and Pakistan has to be used for this purpose. In such cases, the gas pipeline cannot be laid!

What was the role of CIA?

CIA wants to conquer Iran after “victory” in Iraq. A drama has been staged. The CIA has accused two Iranian-Americans of killing the Saudi ambassador to the United States. The Saudis have fully supported the CIA’s US plan to teach Iran a lesson by recognizing the truth. It’s been a matter of years. Things are rapidly escalating toward aggression on Iran. Instead of exposing this dangerous conspiracy against Pakistani politics’ government and journalism, Islam seems to be compatible with the language and thinking of Americans.

No ‘leader of any Muslim is in a position to attend to the Saudis and the Iranian brothers’, holding their feet and meeting them. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia may not even realize that they are slowly moving towards disaster. It was the United States that placed Shah Iran in the area – now it is the United States that has sold a hundred billion dollars’ worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has taken the option of picking up its friends and enemies. Pakistani gas stoves won’t be burned by Iranian gas: Hillary threatens to rob us of our prosperity again!

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