Iran Signed Agreement On Gas Pipeline


What is the benefit of Pakistan’s oil and gas emission?

Gas pipelines from Gwadar Port and Iran through Pakistan are different phases of the same game. Whether Pakistan receives its gas field gas or import it from the international market, we have to pay the payment in each case according to the prevailing price in the international market. As I mentioned earlier, all of these resources are from Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, but they are actually owned by multinational companies.

Will these rates be favorable?

Now these companies are trying their best to maximize their profit rate. If this gas will be provided to Pakistan via pipeline, it means that the people of Pakistan and Iran will pay for the installation of the gas pipeline. A dollar loan will be obtained from practitioners who own oil wells around the world. Interest on this loan will be paid by the people of these two countries from generation to generation, but through it the sale of oil will be bankrupt.

Now it is understood why Zardari could make the bold decision to hand over Gwadar Port to the Chinese administration in the last days of his government. At a time when the United States is imposing a new sanctions on Iran every day, how did the PPP government make a bold decision that a gas pipeline from Iran be installed! Just look at what the gas prices will be under this line.

Some numerous questions like this and the ones that cannot be solved by an ordinary person.

Will these rates be different from the international market? Why do we have to rely on natural gas or wood for cooking? After all, why is Pakistan not willing to do the work that has allowed this country to stand on its own feet! What is the consequence of converting thermal coal to gas? This coal gas can be used as an alternative to natural gas. Biogas can be used in China and India, so why not in Pakistan? After all, why do we have to rely on natural gas or wood for cooking? The whole of North Pakistan is comprised of mountainous areas. Here, step by step hydel power stations can be set up. Why are these hydel power stations not built locally in Pakistan so that they can be installed all over Pakistan at affordable rates? What is the disease medicine of Heavy Factory of Taxila? Why are there no agreements with China for the production of these power stations in Pakistan?

There are strong winds blowing all over Pakistan’s coastline. If small air power plants are installed above all Karachi flats, not only will it get cheaper electricity but electricity will also be available in large quantities to the industries.

Are these projects are under international pressure

The real problem is just start by working on all these projects, then see how international pressure comes. The leading agents of these international conspirators cannot even imagine doing so. Can’t imagine taking this step forward, the same Zardari sir who is waving a medal on the so-called eyes of America today.

It is well understood that we have been entangled in issues that have nothing to do with reality. If Pakistan is to become a developed country then it will first have to fix the problem of law and order, and then overcome the energy crisis. But practically what’s happening! All the parties responsible for law and order are involved in the government and it is being blamed on the United States that it is exploding in Pakistan after being forced to give Gwadar port under Chinese control. It is true that the cracks in the law and order are shaking from there. But it is neither from Gwadar Port nor from the gas pipeline. Then see who the fuck these puppets are!


After Saudi Arabia, Pakistan is the only country that produces the most expensive electricity from furnace oil or gas. We are nuclear power, but we are reluctant to produce nuclear power. Increasing the prices of electricity per day is part of a systematic plan to neutralize Pakistan. Understand all this and re-think all the story. Beware of the conspiracies of the establishment of a universal satanic government on this world and beware of those around you.

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