The Black Holes Of The Sui Southern Gas, Which Are Getting The Name Of The Company In The Mill

Sui Southern Gas Company is a living example of how good profitable companies are destroyed in different countries. The company was once known for its honesty, service, service delivery, pricing, and billing. The majority of its employees are honest, selfless, consulting for company comment. Former ex-officers and administrators worked hard for it. But now it is falling apart like other institutions. Now its job is either to stop gas load shedding or gas theft, or to mentally prepare its customers to reduce gas pressure. Thousands of homes in different cities await gas stove. Many children and earners lose their breakfast in the morning. Not long ago, Sui Southern had warned consumers in a similar scare that it was necessary to reduce the gas use of industries for continuous supply of CNG in effected areas, the company said, to reduce gasoline shortages to overcome the gasoline crisis. Sui Southern appealed to industries to voluntarily reduce gas use by up to 30%. Now the petrol crisis is less than cheap.

What will happen to the gas crisis?

Sui Southern Gas Company’s severe reduction in supply of gas in various areas of the city has increased the civilian suffering many times. Worldwide, power, water, gas supply establishments are considered the first for public service which provide every possible convenience to the people, but unfortunately in our country public service institutions have become a problem for the people. The process of depriving the masses of basic facilities is not beneficial for the development of a country, but the process of patience of the people is lost.

What is the role of government?

The government is in its cycle; it is blackmailing them on the basic needs of the people. As petrol has become cheap, it has returned to the people through artificial shortage of petrol in Punjab and the border, once again freezing the dollar account, and have reminded all the stories of people hanging out with dollar prices up and down. Until recently, there was a noise of gas coming from Qatar. The facts of this project will also be revealed on whose minds it was produced, and who wants to make money from it. However, it is certain that it is a permanent mortgage to the country. Its deal is suspicious, it is being said that the deal is not being done with Qatar’s government but with ConocoPhillips, a multinational company.

What are the effects of gas crisis in other countries?

In this way, these two multinational companies will do business, which will be paid by the people of these areas. Now, whether or not the government can take this gas, it has to pay about $ 5 million a day.  It is reported to be worth $ 15 million per million BTU, which has been entered into the Sui Southern gas system, $ 24 per million BTU. Which will have to increase manifold gas prices. The report states that this price will not be adjusted for 20 years. It is estimated that in this entire game, politicians and other players will get a commission of around $.400 billion.

How Ogra regulates oil and gas industry

The United States, Canada and China are not only extracting these deposits but also making full use of them for national development. The Midway Times report quoted an American report as saying that these reserves are higher than Canada in Pakistan. The US has recently started using those reserves. The report states that if gas in Pakistan Even if the current consumption of water is increased three times in the next twenty years, these reserves are sufficient to meet the needs of the country in the next 20 years. Should have good hope if the intention of the rulers is right, then the resources will also provide power. Sui Southern Gas is acquiring the same tight or shale gas from a well in Sujawal and paying six dollars per million MBTU. Check it out. Where six dollars and 24 dollars. Sui Gas, on the other hand, is also raising the price of gas through OGRA. According to a notification issued by OGRA last year, the tariff of Sui Southern Gas Company was increased.

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