The Real Game Plan behind the Continued Decline in Oil Prices

Various theories circulate around the world in economic and military circles over the continuing decline in oil prices in the global market. Because the real motivations behind this game plan are linked to the pursuit of political and military goals, economists have failed to grasp the reality of the oil game. The dismissal of Jewish policymakers by the US media from the beginning puts the blame for the continued decline in oil prices on Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in the Middle East, presenting it as a conspiracy against the enormous production of US shale. Is. He believes that the reason for the decline in prices is that the supply of oil in the market is very high while the buyers are very low.

Can pressure the nearest allies to reduce production?

A British daily, for the first time, broke the news, revealing that the United States has planned a collaboration with its closest allies in the Middle East to teach lessons in Russia, Iran and Syria. These countries are among the top oil producing OPEC members worldwide. In view of the current situation in the context of the current situation of the well-known American intellectual and writer Naum Chomsky, the game is open. He said that protecting Israel at any cost is a key pillar of US foreign policy.

What caused the drop in Oil Prices?

US policymakers are actually playing the game of strengthening the Israeli military and economic position by destroying Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Algeria, and even the destinies of some African countries in the guise of friendly wolves. The United States is trying to create hatred among these rulers by disagreeing on the issue of crude oil production in Islam. The strengthening of the US dollar has also affected crude oil prices in the global market. Since the price of oil is paid in dollars. Therefore, the increase in the value of the dollar makes it expensive to buy oil in another currency, which further reduces the demand for oil.

Why the US is facing an uptick in prices

The Daily Guardian claimed in its publication on November 9, 2014, that US Secretary of State John Kerry signed a deal with Saudi King Abdullah late in September 2014, under which Saudi Arabia agreed to sell crude oil at a lower market price. This deal will also help explain why the US is facing an uptick in prices. When the apparent challenge of the militant outfit Dalal Islamia in Iraq and Syria was to raise its price. It is a separate debate, that other militant groups, including al-Qaeda, are US-originated themselves. Created to meet specific interests. Larry Elliott, the newspaper’s correspondent, said that the stakes level is high, because the United States is currently playing oil cards with Iran and Russia. The fact is, on American Emma, ​​its allies have made it clear at the OPEC meeting that oil is currently being sold in the international market at $ 50 a barrel, but the price of oil is $ 20 a barrel. Done. Totil production will not be reduced at any cost. Oil prices in the New York market fell below $ 50 for the first time in the last five years, and crude oil was sold for about $ 49 per barrel.

What happens when a country runs out foreign reserves?

The US conspiracy theorists were convinced that in just two to two and a half months, Russia and Iran would be inundated on one side. Because their gross national product revenues from oil exports are between 70 and 75 percent. In the Middle East, the wealth of these countries depends on the wealth of the oil, despite the fact that the US has a large amount of foreign exchange reserves at present. Which will soon be less risky for Israel by losing their foreign exchange reserves. Undoubtedly the drop in oil prices has become a major issue for some members of OPEC. Because the expenditures of these countries depend heavily on oil revenues. These countries want to reduce oil production, but the United States is blocking their way.

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