Gasoline and CNG bombs together

For the past four years, maybe Shady has had a day where we have not been heard on Electro-Nick or Nut Media to raise prices for anything; Or the firing of small-range missiles, which are known to be a hotbed of government, but on this day, on April 1, two time bombs were dropped simultaneously. The price of petrol has been increased by eight to two paise while the price of CNG has been increased by eight rupees. The completion of the transmission of petroleum synthesis in the history of Gaya has been completed. Zaz Moses who was not comfortable now obtain the Key government money while Rs 86 108 petrol stations will be open 88 to Rs 70 per kg money.

How are these selected public figures?

Those who have never been shy or embarrassed at dropping such bombs on their people. People are already consumed by the fire of inflation. Worse, they are already hurt. Retail. Electric load shedding, gas load shedding, unemployment and the need for commodity prices have caused the people to die already, which is a little too much. Not to be outdone as a result of the move. Even the old wounds that have become invisible have not been recovered, but those who do not still have compassion for the people. She is going away with new wound the fact is that Government has never been worried about the wounds of the people. Inflation is causing devastation.

The lives of the people have been doubled. The maximum punishment for the drunkard has been unmanaged. The illusion of secrecy has not been possible. The houses of the limited invaders have become unlucky. There is an increase in crime. Electricity, gas and other necessities come to the bill of life, when the tears are raised. It makes me nervous to pay the bills or buy flour. If you pay the bills, there is nothing left to eat.

People are wondering what kind of authority it is?

The market is on fire. The nerds are already touching the house. The stomach has not even been hit and it is not as if the inflation is going to rise. It looks like the government. Has been given the same prescription by us and the nine of us who have given up the same prescription: If the male child goes up, end the subsidy. Do not care about what is going on in the masses.

The people also know that sometimes the government has no choice but to make difficult decisions, but the public leadership, which has the backyard of the country in its hands, is unable to do so in this moment of confusion. On the other hand, if we (the people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) are burnt in flames, then on the other hand, thieves are thieves with their own power.

Unrest and misery will be their destiny

If you give any advice to the Jodhpur government, the coming of the buffalo will be the same as that of the Benjamin. So I beg the people to say, ‘God! Make good use of your advice in the upcoming talk. Over the past few decades, with reports by newspapers, international magazines, national and international research organizations. It is estimated that Mo is responsible not only for governance and opposition but also for the people. Because the people do not use their whit. However, if the people do not realize their responsibilities, then it is costly, unemployment.

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