Public complaints from Sui Gas Department and Federal Minister for Petroleum Neglect

God should not have to deal with a public dealing department, including needle gas. If this happens you should only practice standing for the first several hours, but also walk two and a half kilometers continuously to the relevant dealing clerk / officer. It is very important to practice reaching out. People who have knee pain or have a hearing loss problem or have had a bypass operation or who have complications or who have shortness of breath. Those whose vision is weak. No matter how severe the need may be, they should not go to Sui Gas’s public dealing office. The desire to go to a licensing authority – the Registration Authority – Property Tax Office should be kept in mind. Because in Pakistan, votes from the public are demanded in every election, with eloquent speeches coming to power and addressing the problems and problems of the people. As if a person forgets his bad days.

What is Dgpc?

As soon as a person enters the franchise offices of mobile companies, he smiles face to face Rahat Scatter Public Relations Officer (Young Men / Cheerful Girls) welcomes each person by asking the purpose of pulling a token from the respective machine and telling them to sit in comfortable chairs in an air-conditioned environment. The token numbers on the big screen are constantly changing. Everything happens so fast and beautifully that it doesn’t require recommendation nor does it have to wait. As such, the environment and the good performance of the cheerful staff impressed me immensely Or is it that there are highly educated rich and poor men and women, but no signs of distress appear on anyone’s forehead. Everyone seemed satisfied. I must say that I have spent the last ten to fifteen years before moving on. Feeling of severe pain in the knees and hearing loss in the ears suffers from a furlong even ten miles away.

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority

After that, no ruler saw the discomfort of the disabled and the sick. Recently I had to shift to a house that had no gas connection. The amount of notice had already been collected. After a long run, the failure to deal with the newspaper thought that it might be easier for me to associate with the newspaper at the time I reached Suger Gas Head Office Egerton Road in Lahore. With the help of a senior officer, he arrived inside the office but could not meet MD and DMD personnel. When the senior general manager reached South’s waistline, the room was as large as my house – then in an environment like the Fivestar Hotel. They signed my petition and marked General Manager Lahore. I was so happy with my success that 80% of the time has now arrived at GM Lahore Gourmangat Road Gulberg, so the employees there will welcome me with a happy few connections and when I arrive there the next morning.

Why can’t separate counters be placed for the elderly and people with disabilities?

Federal Minister for Petroleum Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, who is the minister in charge of Sui Gas, wants to request from the Managing Director that people whose taxes you are doing well by receiving monthly salary of millions of rupees in luxurious environment like air-conditioned cars. It is not your responsibility to provide solutions such as Shaukat Khanum Hospital and a mobile franchise to resolve the issues. Why is the duty of only one officer to fix the bills in the GM Lahore office if it is not possible then why not have a refreshing officer replaced every hour on such a busy set.

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