Libya Oil Split Deal

The people and rulers of Hindu are understood. The hostility of humanity is in the process of building a wall of hatred among the Hindu people under the title of ‘Azad Kashmir’. For this, the American dagger of polling has been caught in the hands of wolf-wielding Islamic figures. Whom the Islamists had previously expelled from Saudi Arabia. The natural people came to Kashmir and settled in Islam. Apparently they are Muslim. Looks like an evil person. But are actually hypocrites. Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are born from the Western media to convert Islam into a terrorist religion. They are artificial. But in Kashmir they can be seen face to face. Such people have a Jewish mission in their hands in relation to Kashmir. And the American dagger of polls has caught them. That the Kashmir issue should be resolved under the supervision of the United Nations and that they agree with the American dagger in the polls there. In this way, the people of Kashmir should be pushed into the swamp of misguided and taken away from them for the approval of the cage-like independence of Kashmir.

Libyan Official says Oil merger removes Obstacle

Then, by turning Kashmir into a cage of freedom, all the Kashmiris should be imprisoned and hung on the UN frame. This could bring about the concept of Kashmir’s liberation. It allows the Kashmiri people to move towards a new slavery in terms of independence. Haryana is a small Indian province. Nearly five lakh youths join the Indian police and army in this province. Deployed all over India are living a prosperous life. Employment, and they have no worries about connecting to the business. They are actively involved in the process of imprisoning them in the cage of independence. That Kashmiris can roam freely in all the four provinces of India. Wear the freedom rags at his feet. That would keep them imprisoned in the courtyards of Kashmir. This project is of great power.

Libya May be Splitting Apart over Oil Revenues

For which the logistics of Abuja’s convoy are being used. The secret movement in Kashmir revealed the secret and revealed the fact that Abu Dhabi’s family is well organized and growing in Kashmir. He wants to crush Islam in front of Kashmir’s libertarian freedom. Today, plans are being made to build homes in Iraq. Similarly, in Libya, people are being mobilized for violence against mosques, schools and madrassas everywhere. To work in these locations first. In order to discredit them. Then they could be destroyed by airstrikes on Iraqi-style air strikes. The aim is not to snatch Gadhafi from Libya, but to attack Islam in a systematic way. Attacking Libya will protect the wider interests of Islam’s enemies. One would be to abolish the teachings of the Islamic religion. The other oil is dominated by the Americans.

Warning Sign Grow for Libyan Oil Production

However, the UN and its Security Council have not yet considered the need to condemn violent rent protests. Now it is certain that a major conspiracy has been triggered by the violent rent protests. With which the United Nations also participates. She closes her eyes at the loss of violent protests in Libya and the damage done to US air strikes. But those who defend and defend themselves are blamed.

American bombardment of Libya preaching Christianity, campaign for Libyan people to become Christians, and Barack Obama. But they began to love. Both will be hung upside down in the oil well, just like in a blind well). From which they will be hung as a lesson till the Day of Judgment. And it may be that George Bush will one day find Iraq’s oil wells and Barack Obama’s limbs in Libya’s oil wells. Allah knows, therefore, the wrongdoers are punished here by God. And the punishment is also remembered.

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