Explosion And Remedies At Gas Filling Stations

Current method of filling gas in vehicles:

The gas filling stations are made in the open spaces where the gas is loaded in the vehicle. When the desired vehicle arrives at the filling station, the staff demands that the driver close the vehicle and switch off. Plugs the nozzle into the car to fill the gas and opens the gas valve. When the nozzle is removed after the gas is filled, the gas deposited in this pipe is emitted intensely and the air is dispersed everywhere, due to the open space, which in the ordinary course of accumulation. Don’t get a chance and doesn’t cause any trouble.

Reasons for the explosion at gas stations:

Under normal circumstances, it is not difficult, but now the real danger which is happening in Lahore, which is dominated by fog in Lahore this morning, especially in the open areas, has a greater impact now if we Upon inspection of stations located in these areas, the fog has covered the entire area so that the wind stops running heavy due to cold or humid weather. In such a way, the nozzle begins to accumulate at the gas station. Its emission creates an artificial vacuum and the gas begins to fill the space as a balloon. The spark turns it into a fireball. The explosion is not as severe as the fire itself, and the fire spreads on each side. Everything contained there is severely damaged by the fire. And if a person gets burned up to forty percent, his life chances are limited.


The only way to prevent this is to prevent the exhaust gas emissions and to keep the return nozzles in the filling nozzle in the correct position so that the excess gas is collected back to the desired location in case of filling, not to spread in the open space. Could another important point that can be exploded. Before filling the gas, switch off the engine of the desired vehicle and the switch must be connected to the ground (ground terminal) so that static electricity can be emitted and no spark is generated. Accumulated charge discharges from grounding and does not cause any spark or ignition. Other times, there may be a blast just at the time of filling the nozzle, which is caused by the static electricity accumulated in the vehicle. During the freezing or rainy season, especially the gas lines should be inspected through leak tests and promptly corrected in case of faults, nozzle return lines should be kept in proper condition so that excess pressure will open to the desired location. Area could not be expanded. Each vehicle’s engine must be switched off and the switch not switched on during filling.

How to spark or ignition:

Spark or ignition PK factors, by switching the vehicle on or off, causing a spark (ignition) due to the positional differential in the vehicle’s static electric current when applying the filling nozzle, sparks or a cigarette lighter. Are causing them to do this. Ironing with iron or the use of a hammer, nylon, polyester, wool or synthetic apparel or plastic plastic in the hair produces static electricity, especially in cold weather. People should stay away from where explosive gas accumulates.

Avoid home-based gas fires:

In most homes, gas is accumulated in the kitchen due to leakage. If the householder is out somewhere, a large amount of gas accumulates throughout the house when the householder comes back and senses the smell of an exhaust fan or some other electricity. Switch on or off to ignite, but the ignition that causes the explosion turns the whole house into a terrible fireball.

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