Electricity, gas and petrol bombs – Trouble and sadness for the people

Pakistan’s population is more than 22 million, 35% of the total population is unable to meet basic needs. Nearly 700 million people lack basic facilities for living,

How can he cope with this new hurricane of inflation?

With the government putting all its responsibility and burden on the shoulders of the people, the basic needs of every class of thought made life difficult. Immediately the rates of electricity, gas and petroleum levies have begun to speak to the sky. The power tariff has been increased by 3.90 per unit, followed by the new tariff for users using 100 units at Rs7.60 per unit while using 200 units at Rs11, thus Rs300 for 50 units and Rs13.80 for users up to 700 units. Units have to be paid. Customers who used 700 units will have to deposit Rs.50.50 per unit in the government treasury.

OGRA has issued a notification to rise the price of needle gas at Rs65.60 per MMBTU, with the new price of gas being increased to Rs21.455 per MMBTU.

Citizens who have not been able to cope with the storm of electricity and gas prices have come under the new burden of the federal government. The rise in the prices of petroleum levies has exposed the public enmity. Petrol and high-speed diesel were increased by Rs2 and kerosene by Rs4. After that, petrol became expensive by Rs.73.50, high speed diesel. By these measures of the federal government, all the rhetoric and claims of progress and prosperity of the present government have been the culprit of falsehood and fraud. All those energy projects are known to be horror stories of Al-Laila that have not benefited the masses. This is just like showing a green garden to a simple iron citizen.

How long did government claimants continue to fool the public?

The members of the position are equally guilty of the government. They become black and white countries for five years after being elected by members of the public and representatives who only make statements against each other during the election campaign, proving their sympathy and sorrow for the citizens. Engage in the enjoyment of values, power and luxury. Citizens now know that these representatives of the government and the opposition come here to take turns why, after being elected by the common man’s vote, they put the burden of spending on government on the shoulders of the people. Service oath, passion, patriotism and obligation of the foremost are known only to the extent of verbal deposit and appearance.

What does it take for those who enjoy the comfort of cool houses to let public problems, worries and troubles fall into their dignity?

The current government has increased the salaries of public servants by only 10% annually as per the year, while the government bill of 150% increase in the salaries of the public-taxed public representatives, including all members of the government and opposition members, is unanimous. Approved on. The bill to raise the salaries of government members opened the door to public claims of reducing inflation, unemployment and waste.

In the eyes of the citizens, this bill is cruel democracy; the rulers who increased the salaries of the government employees by more than 150% in their salaries did not feel ashamed that the workers of the state, who were employed by the laborers, had to work for two time.

How can the rulers of the country approve a mountainous increase in their salaries and privileges?

Experts in economists and statistics say the recent rise in prices of electricity, gas and petroleum has made the poor people’s basic necessities more difficult to obtain in life. Citizens can appeal to the government to withdraw the recent increase in electricity, gas and petrol.

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