Lines For Gasoline Are Only Experimental, Looking Ahead?

The word “crisis” has become an integral part of the lives of the people of Different cities, but now we are facing crisis, but we are thankful that… this nation has been targeted for a few hours Drone strikes and bomb blasts or suicide attacks do not provide the breath of relief and Sikhism that natural disasters tighten around it. It seems that natural disasters, terrorism and crisis are allied with this nation and then the “profitable business politics” God has given such wonderful insight into the situation, no matter how the country. Under the threat of natural disasters, even in the face of danger, business-wise ‘wise men’ are not surprised to find public disgrace and the source of their earnings, for their work. The people who have chosen to suffer and suffer.

An experiment design in Statistics

As usual on the way out of the house on the way to the office yesterday, there were a dozen petrol pumps on the way showing their view that from where people could easily afford the government less than half the price of petrol at Rs68 a liter. I used to get almost all of them out now, though half of the scene was different where people were standing in rows like the flood victims. Even this open looting and robbery of expensive gasoline sales does not make the nation feel unhappy because we have a feeling of ‘late’. For some days now, in most parts of different cities, artificial shortage of gasoline, commonly known as a source of income, has been created.

There are more than 300 petrol pumps in Lahore, which are open to a dozen, where crowds of people are rising so that even for the ‘precious’ acquisition of gasoline, the market has reached the market. It is said that the shortage of gasoline is caused by the closure of Parco and Busker. More than 6 million liters of oil is supplied daily across Different cities, of which 40% is met by parks. Due to the recent floods, the Parco Oil Refinery has been flooded, causing an oil crisis but ‘acquaintances’ still tell another story that has a lot of weight. You see that the dignitaries who make decisions for the destiny of this country, whether they are in the elected houses or in the background, have people on their toes, at least everyone owns dozens of petrol pumps, But not billions but billions of rupees are the only petrol prices up and down. The same faces will be seen in the background of this artificial crisis.

Why prices of petrol are going to rise day by day

An “informed” friend says the price of petrol is going to rise in the next few days. Hopefully, the poor people who stand for hours on the lines and get a two-liter gasoline by pushing, will laugh and accept this increase. In most hearts, the rulers will say good and bad. One thing is very clear that there is no oil crisis in the country, then it seems that all the people have to do is to see the “stamina” of how long they can stand in the long line and who is the one to get the oil. To the extent that they can fight. Where else to practice the lines that lead to the coming sugar, water, electricity and gas crisis? In advance, it is reported that those who consider the petrol crisis to be the last crisis are at fault. For the next days there will be a severe crisis of electricity, gas, flour, sugar and other necessities called the basic necessities of every rich poor household. A. Because crowds are needed for annoyance and chaos and crowds gather only when a sporting event begins. The game is about to begin the spectacle … Then all these crises and the resulting masses do not meet this “need” –

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