Oil Companies in America and the Middle East

Nowadays, scholars are often emphasizing that the United States has played a huge role in the Middle East, and especially in the Arab World. There is no doubt that the United States has gone far behind in Israeli backing, but if circumstances and events are taken into account closely, the United States has not only the moral support of the Arabs in all its operations, but also finances almost all of America’s terrorism. Support was also received.

Who own oil in Middle East?

Saudi Arabia and the UAE paid all bills for the first US invasion of Iraq in the past, according to an American report that in the war, the US used all its obsolete weapons in the Arms Depot or put it on the Saudis bill. The United States received Saudi support in the second invasion of Iraq and in all operations to bring Saddam Hussein to Kiev. The operation in Libya was also completed with Saudi support.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided all kinds of financial support to the rebels or the so-called Islamist forces in the rebellion against the government in Syria, which was the result of the relief that Aleppo’s historic city has become a pile of ash, with Turkey’s intervention. That was the cry of relief. The Saudis and the Qataris shake hands when the Syrian issue becomes an international issue and fears the US and Russia’s interests will collide. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has become embroiled in the Yemeni tribes. As the Saudi and Qataris strained, funding for Syria’s so-called Islamist forces was further diminished.

Middle East has the Most Crude Oil

In particular, Saud wants American help at all costs to protect his incompetent and corrupt government. Despite buying billions of dollars of American weapons, they could not subdue Yemeni tribesmen, because the weapons themselves do not fight, but require a manpower that is not available to the corrupt Saudi government. Releasing Iranian influence in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria is a natural process, if Saudi is willing to exert influence over the entire Islamic world due to its oil resources, even the Islamic one in Kuala Lumpur If Pakistan can blackmail not for joining the conference, then Iran has the same right to build relations. In my humble opinion, the damage the US has done to the Saudis through the spread of Militant Islam with US support, and the way terrorism is supported in Pakistan, the effects are unlikely to disappear in the near future.

Oil prices Rise in Iran after US attack

When the United States kills Iranian generals, Iran’s president announced revenge. Oil prices rose in the global market as soon as the announcement was made. Condemnation statements started to come from all over the world. European allies in the United States began expressing dissatisfaction with the US move. Britain said they were not taken in confidence. The US issued directives for all Americans to leave Iraq due to fear. Three thousand more US troops announced to send to the Middle East NATO canceled training in Iraq The foreign minister began calling his tenants, including leaders from all over the world, and began taking them in confidence. Calling the Army Chief of Pakistan, the Prime Minister of the country did not even know what happened on the phone, what I would know but the next day Pakistan’s military support was restored and Pakistan’s cows suddenly started giving milk again. What. The entire global media is condemning the US move. Trump is being criticized from inside the US. Iran’s population is 8 million. The army is five million, but the national pride in their leadership is greater than that of Pakistan and the Arab world. The US invaded several countries in the Middle East, and every time an Arab country was used against another country, not a single attack was made against Iran.

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