World’s largest oil reserve in Caspian Sea

In the seventies, when the world’s largest oil reserve was discovered from the east coast of the Caspian Sea, the situation changed. The World Zionist Convention has set out a plan to capture and sell the oil. They had only one way to capture that because Russian socialism does not have the ability to embed multinational companies, the Russian province of Turkmenistan should be liberated and then there are Jewish multinational companies that invest in Jewish banks. Yes, the oil mining and shipping and selling contracts and the flood of wealth flowed to the Jewish treasury.

  Largest Petroleum reserve Located

For this purpose, Russia was attacked in the first place by saying that it would build a pipeline of oil and gas for the highest market in the subcontinent and then to the hot sea. Then when it developed high-quality roads in Afghanistan, it was cut into bankruptcy by the IMF so that Jewish multinational companies could sell oil from the empty-handed government of newborn Turkmenistan. To get the contract.

  SAARC organization

After this success, the sale of this oil was the stage. The best market was available in South Asia and China in the north and even the only direct source of oil supply could be the oil pipeline, but the biggest obstacle was Pak-India conflict. The SAARC organization was initially put in place to end this conflict but the backward forces of the two countries, called the establishment, were not ready to withdraw from Kashmir. Since India is the largest potential customer of the oil, its displeasure over Kashmir issue did not displease the Jews, while their view of the Pakistanis was that they were very corrupt rulers, and were responsible for this kind of American responsibility. Statements have come out that they will sell their mother for money as well. Interstate in such statements was that these rulers could be ousted from Kashmir’s position by giving “under-the-table” money, but they could not imagine why the government, even civilian, could decide. The options are always in the hands of the trustworthy.

Highest Oil Production

Here the bubbles of happiness of those Jews began to explode and the issue began to erupt with several sub-continental disputes in Kashmir, such as the Siachen, Khalistan, Surkirk, Wular Dam and Beagle Neck Dam, while India and Pakistan dropped their nuclear bombs. Could not dare to put pressure on them to meet their interests. On the other hand, because this same oil reservoir also misses Iran, the Pakistani rulers started talking about buying oil and gas from Iran. On this the Zionist planners intensified their plan to besiege Iran, but we will mention it later in our time, first we will see what conspiracies they have made for their own interests.

According to Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), the campaign to find oil and gas reserves has achieved two major successes which will help overcome the natural gas shortage in the country. These achievements have been reported in a letter sent to the Pakistan Stock Exchange by the administration of PPL.

The letter said that 152 barrels of crude oil per day and a total of 39.3 billion cubic feet of natural gas reserves were discovered in Sindh and Baluchistan.

Balochistan also discovered natural gas and liquid commodity reserves under the campaign, the PPL administration said. One million 7 million cubic feet of gas has been discovered from the Murgand well in the Chiktan Lime in Qalat area of ​​Balochistan and a liquid object with 132 barrels per day of production from the well of Merkand has been discovered. Laboratory is being tested.

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