Gasoline crisis

Let’s now accept the intellect as well. Gasoline becomes a problem for cheap and expensive masses. On the day of rising prices, sales of petrol pumps are shut down for several days. So that you can make a profit even if it is current. And when cheap is called off, the price is off, that we do not have to accept these prices. When these are not both reasons, there is a shortage of gunpowder. This is how people eat. That the ship is reaching shortage in four, five days. Another national newspaper reported January 17 that the gasoline crisis was hit by a serious fifty percent pump shutdown on the fourth day. Ambulances, rescue and police vehicles were also affected. In many places, the second-half Littoral Sales Minister Petroleum said that 52 thousand petrol has reached Karachi. In five to eight days, the crisis will end. One day, a minister said that the ship was arriving. The next day, another passerby said that the petrol had arrived. One day a minister said that the crisis would end in five days. The next day, another minister said that the crisis would end in five to eight days. When these lines are being written. Khawaja Asif has been in office for five days.

What Causes Gasoline Crisis

Returning from Saudi Arabia, the Prime Minister called an emergency meeting at the airport. Directed immediate improvement of the situation. Shahid Khakhan offered to resign, saying that the crisis is on the rise. Fifty thousand metric tons of oil will arrive in Karachi today. In eight days, the shortage will be gone. Minister of Petroleum said, “I will resign if the crisis is not over.” Nawaz Sharif acknowledged that the petrol crisis caused the government to lose. The gasoline crisis has overwhelmed the Prime Minister. The Minister of Petroleum apologized to the nation and assured that the crisis will end this week. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said at a press briefing that the daily supply of gasoline was doubled. Do not over-purchase customers. No shortage of conspiracy theories. On February 1, the price of petrol will be reduced by five rupees or more. Consider the advice of the Minister of Petroleum, he says, that consumers should not over-purchase. There is a turmoil crisis. Can’t find it. Wherever we meet. There is even less demand for Demand. There are also reports, that consumers in long rows on petrol pumps are receiving petrol. From which they can only get there. Now, the Minister should take such advice to the people. Ishaq Dar says that the gasoline crisis is a conspiracy against the government.

The Solution Of Gasoline Crisis

The petroleum crisis clearly shows contradictions in Prozaria’s statements. On January 15, Khawaja Asif said, the ship was reaching shortage in four, five days. The same crisis is not short. The situation will be fixed in ten days. A minister says, that conspiracy took place. On the other hand, there is no knowledge of the plot. The committee constituted by the Prime Minister has also called the ministers in their report, responsible for the crisis. Why not get petrol? In any other country of the world, the crisis-ridden ministers are responsible for the crisis without seeing whether they resign or not.

The people here in Pakistan are illiterate. The faces of the ministers are not the only manifestations of affection. The Secretary, along with Petroleum, had to dismiss the Minister for Petroleum as well. That would have been the government’s promise. Until the gasoline solution is resolved, the ministers and other ministers, including the Minister for Petroleum, should withdraw vehicles from the secretary and other officers. They should not be given a commuter bike. Government employees who use vehicles. And their home is two kilometers to the summit. They will go on bicycles in the petrol crisis areas until the crisis ends. In this way, the people should be given the benefit of gasoline. A judicial commission should also be formed to determine who is responsible for the crisis.

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