Increase In Prices Of Petroleum Products And Rejection Of The People

During an India cricket match, the nation was busy praying for all the sorrows, sorrows and sorrows to watch the match and hope to win, but the hopes and hopes of the nation were shaken and decorated with joy. All dreams were shattered when team lost this match, the defeat was nothing short of a shock but after suffering this tragedy, the mountains of misery and sorrows started to appear before the eyes of inflation. Gas crisis recedes, absence of commodities and acquisition of them begins to circulate in mind, loads of electricity Ending and taxes began to convince the poor

Increase in Petroleum Prices Causes Inflation

Recently, the latest petrol bombs have also cut off the poor people’s livelihoods, which has had the biggest impact on the industries and transport sector. Industries play the most important role in improving any country’s economy and the economy is the backbone of the economy, but industries in Different cities are on the verge of collapse and on the brink of collapse. The first gas shutdown was no less a problem, after which the Yarn Export imposed 15% duty on the exporter. Preparations for deliveries to KG begin to drop in public transport fares, which will have the most impact on the poorer. Another consideration and focus is that heavy transport is coming up on a daily basis. Now, the biggest impact of the increase in petroleum prices will be on heavy transport. Because duty on export of yarn in Different cities is seeing a decline in cargo and on the other hand the situation of import cargo is not satisfactory.

Strategy to Keep Heavy Transport Flowing

Heavy transport of different cities, whose wheels used to rotate for 24 hours, is now halting heavy trawler owners. Cars have been forced to park due to higher costs and lower revenue and rentals. Working in the Heavy Transport sector is burning stoves for millions of households. If the wheel of this transport stops and the work stops, there is a fear that there will be severe economic crisis in the country and the cooling of millions of households. In order not to fall, the government will have to devise a comprehensive strategy to keep heavy transport flowing so that the chaos of the poor continues to burn and the prosperity in different cities continues.

If the government cannot afford to subsidize the people in petroleum, the tax cuts should not be allowed to allow the poor people’s faces to cool down and prevent their stoves from cooling down. Increase in prices of petroleum products and rejection of the people. Public demand for Supreme Court to take automatic notice of hike in petrol prices

Will a judiciary free from public struggle and sacrifices play its due role in the public interest?

If the judiciary does not even protect the rights of the people, then the people will go towards a revolution whose path leads through the civil war and the forgotten state of the failed state! Increasing the price of gasoline will also make electricity more expensive, which will also increase the production cost of manufactured goods in the industry and will eliminate the need for public access.

Increasing the price of petrol and electricity will also increase the cost of fertilizers and seeds and increase the transport fares from the farm to the consumers, which will make agricultural commodities even more expensive.

Citizens Reject rise in prices of Petroleum

Now the people have only one way to go on the path of raw revolution. But if this happens, the dear ones who are facing the internal and external dangers today will not be able to bear the burden of this revolution. It is the duty of all the legislatures, including the legislature and the legislature and the opposition, to take effective and positive steps to alleviate the disappointments contained in them, rather than to increase the frustrations of the people so that the revolution can be stopped by the path of civil war and failure. Goes Through State Forgotten!

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