Petrol prices lower but inflation higher, why?

Significant drop in oil prices in many countries is a positive and pleasant event. In the past, when oil prices were revised in the country, there has been a slight increase in the cost of livelihoods. And in the wake of rising recession costs, the need for daily commodities goes up higher than the rate of increase in oil prices. But, sadly, this time when the government announced reduction in petroleum products to benefit the common man from falling oil prices in the international market, the prices of goods, including edible food, did not decrease. The expectation of the government and the government’s claim was that the result of the decline in oil prices would reduce the prices of essential commodities. Why is this? There are many reasons, but the most regrettable thing is that the government has done absolutely zero work in this regard even though the public could benefit from the move. But the government lost this golden opportunity because of its incompetence. Diya, the government’s price control committees could not play any role in this regard.

Who are responsible for controlling and increases prices

If the governing bodies were strong and responsible for controlling prices, and sincere, then this opportunity could easily have been taken advantage of. In the past, Sarfaraz Khan, a magistrate, kept the prices of any city under control because he was a duty officer. There are dozens of officers present but no one hears the cry of the public. There have been reports of reduction in fares from some places and there are also reports of transport department officials imposing fines on vehicles, but the fact is that the public has not received any relief in terms of fares so far. Transporters are reluctant to reduce fares from various heights. The situation is not only that the fares have not been reduced, but that after the CNG closure Increase has been seen.

One reason is that there are many bureaucrats who do business as well as government jobs and thus are not in favor of lowering prices. There is still a major hurdle in terms of lowering the prices of the business community, everyone wishes to earn maximum profit and become millionaire overnight. When there is no fear of Allah and no fear of the law, the welfare of the people will disappear.

Inflation has not gone down despite oil prices falling, why?

Despite the decline in petroleum prices, the need for commodities continues to rise rather than fall. Which is a momentary concern for the government. Despite the drop in oil prices, its effects are not being communicated to the masses. The government appears to have failed miserably to benefit the oil prices to the public. However, gentlemen and transporters have always been raising the prices of freight and commodities by justifying the increase in oil prices, now that the government has reduced the prices of petroleum products. Transporters and businessmen should avoid refusing to take advantage of it.

The members’ sympathizers agreed that since the government’s primary responsibility is to provide relief to the public, the government should mobilize price-control committees by effective legislation that regulates prices and detain illegal profiteers. Actually punish the people so that the benefits of reducing oil prices can be made public.

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