Who drank gasoline?

People were craving one loaf of bread, but at least forty pieces of flour were kept in a corner of my dear house. They were rich people and apparently quite reasonable. This stock of flour was a lot to open up their pool of rationality and even to Tumul that it was flour. Which was issued by the Chief Minister to the mills at special rates for the poor. I told a young man in the house, that in this era of flour you have stored the flour for the next one year. So, he said, flour trucks come to the camp of political people and from there, the flour is distributed among the people. Since we are from a group of former councilors in our area, the dough in our area automatically goes to our house. There is no one to eat the flour that we eat in the backyard wheat flour. We sometimes use it for buffaloes. Can’t leave, because tomorrow we have something else that we really need, if it comes to this councilor then we will not get it.

It is undoubtedly the result of their personal greed and inadequacy, and defending it is like eating a bazaar. There is no shortage of food or famine. The rulers plan it. Try to reduce its severity. In times of hardship, those who have shortages forbid themselves, but our rulers do not give electricity to the people, but the dogs and peacocks of their own, their relatives’ relatives, become the light of ours. Yes, there is a shortage of gas that innocent children of four years of age go to school without starving in the morning. Certainly CNG shortages make the people responsible for CNPs, but the rulers’ ears can be heard. How do they crawl if they have no hair on their heads and try to rub lice on hairless heads? Slipping is a compulsion of the poor. In the rulers’ cars, even ordinary gasoline does not pour. High octane drops and there is no shortage in the country. If their cars were running on normal gasoline, if they were traveling by ordinary roads, then they would know what is happening to the people in search of petrol.

Are we ready to buy gasoline at double price?

So much for their ineptness, we have to pay little attention to our attitudes today. Are we a nation that if one sex gets two bucks expensive, we lift it up to the sky, but when the same sex becomes new, the words of our decade change? Then we would like to hear that the brothers give the cheapest cheaper, at least we will pay for it. We stock more than we need. To add insult to others, we increase the use of this useful commodity in those days of distress. We buy it in black. When found, we go out on the long drive. Our attitude leads to more trouble for others, but we still refuse. If you let the media know that oxygen will drop next week, you will see that people are thinking and moving oxygen cylinders. Because of our attitude, the black market mafia makes a lot of money and we knowingly hang on to their hands.

The government is bad and its actions too. But it is not time for us to learn how to think and act like a good and decent nation for others. Make sure we adapt our lives to Islamic teachings. If we cultivate a sense of humor and compassion within ourselves, we will rarely have a thing lacking, and if so, it may not be the kind of humiliation we now have. If you are expecting this from the rulers. If at any difficult time they will give you a plan to get out of this difficult time then it is your fault. Do it and humiliate them for hours. How can they get worse by being bad? So that we, even our coming generations, can live a better life.

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