Cameron LNG Liquefaction Plant

Prior to the Iranian Revolution, relations between Pakistan and Iran were exemplary and disgusting, under the regular RCD agreement, citizens of Pakistan, Iran and Turkey traveled without restrictions on visas and there were numerous opportunities for foreign trade, but after the Iranian Revolution, the revolution broke out. When I started exporting policy, hatred and hypocrisy began to prevail, and today it is known that no Sunni parliament in Iran can become a member. While three Jewish parliamentarians. The Sunni mosque is not allowed in the Iranian capital of Tehran while churches, temples, gurdwaras and fireplaces exist in this city. These children are not admitted to Iranian schools, colleges and universities.

Where is the wisdom of cashing in the Hereafter?

Until Saudi Arabia responds, Sultan Abdul Hameed Sani’s pilgrimage does not agree. But God willingly agreed with the attitude of Pakistan. The ambitious Oil project will lose its usefulness and will become the key to improving Pakistan’s development. Thus, Israel’s expansion plan, the success of the Iranian port of Tehran, Bihar, and the heartfelt desire of India, will be fulfilled through the American economy. Sources are reporting that Iran and India have made contact with the maritime route. Iranian media say that the distance between Iran and India is less than that distance. Iran’s ships have arrived at the Iranian port of Kandaslee, the port of India’s shipping fleet, and containers from three containers.

What Did You Make Of This World?

Experts at the fertility booths of Adhar Pakistan carry storm surge. Their propaganda does not outweigh their stomachs. Iran and Saudi Arabia are two oceans. The ones that are flowing along, don’t fade. The profession has closed the gap between them. But this does not mean that there is mischief in the world in the name of profession. The US president announced to win the hearts of Palestinians that the US embassy will not move to Jerusalem (Jerusalem). At the moment, the battle between the elephants of the economy is shaking Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia has recognized the importance and Iran looked with India instead of Pakistan.

Iran LNG on hold under US sanctions impact

Iran should see that India is chess and cooperation. According to Dr.Marjit Singh, the head of Khalistan, there was a secret agreement between Benazir Bhutto and Rajiv Gandhi that Pakistan would provide India with hundreds of lists. In response, India will withdraw its troops from the Siachen Glacier. India committed such a brutal genocide of Pakistan by taking lists of our traitors from Pakistan that in a couple of weeks thousands of young Sikhs had been abducted from their homes. Those who have no idea till date and when the monarchy succeeded in its mission, Toraji sent a message saying that, thank you very much, Nazir. But I have to say with regret, that my government can keep its promise, because my military establishment does not agree. Amarjit Singh further said that Benazir Bhutto was present on the interview record before he died. In which he said that when Punjab was getting out of India’s hands, we had helped India at this critical juncture.

Agreement between Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Now Saudi Arabia and its allies have called for an agreement against Qatar. Amir made the statement in support of Hamas and Al-Qaeda. Qatar, the country with the smallest population, is the US base in the Middle East. The United States built a large air base in Qatar in the 5th. After 9/11, he established a large military base in Qatar and played a role in the Middle East war and the Afghan war. Eleven thousand US troops are still present in Doha. Not at all, but it is another tactic of Saudi Arabia’s pressure, that its dwarf neighbor has been wreaking havoc. Which borders Saudi Arabia. God is baking a big can. Dangerous for drops? Iran stood in support of Qatar and offered to send food supplies by sea.

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