Largest Oil and Gas Companies by Revenue

The US president also has a purpose in wrapping up Hamas terrorists with al-Qaeda, which could be a hindrance to this alternative route plan. Therefore, Americans think that Hamas should be cut off by its hatred. Speaking of Trump against Iran, this is a political statement based on American politics. When this route is in its final phase, Iran will again join hands with the US like Hassan Rouhani’s regime and the United States will be very openly announcing the abolition of this nexus. And Pakistan is keenly interested, it will not remain cold on this conspiracy fairy and the politics of the region will remain hot.

What is the case with Saudi Arabia in Oil Project?

The Parliament of Pakistan issued a pronouncement on the Saudi case, citing the enmity of Pakistan’s Oil project and did not make a good impression in the countries. They have begun work on a plan to disarm all four sides of Pakistan. It also has a purpose, just as Saudi Arabia is willing to root for a homegrown conversion, as well as invading Pakistan to withdraw its nuclear power. Former Chief of Staff Aslam Beg, the role that Iran played in Pakistan’s nuclear deal with the words of former president Pervez Musharraf. It cannot be recovered in writing. When he did not give full credit to Pakistan and did not have enough faith. He considered Pakistan’s grief as his grief, fell to East Pakistan King Faisal Shaheed.

Are those the only ones that are used for rentals?

Saudi Arabia has opened its proposals for Pakistan after nuclear blasts imposed sanctions and economic sanctions on Pakistan. Saudi Arabia’s second recognition of the Taliban government’s acceptance was Saudi Arabia. On the basis of this transnational brotherhood, Saudi Arabia did not even include Pakistan’s name in the Islamic unity. It was in deep ties that a lobby raised the sky. Instead of boasting that the army chief was found, the same lobby caused a storm and rumors were spread that Raheel Sharif was coming back. The lie about him was shaken and his turban was knocked down. Some asked him if he had any information about you. What is the option?

Why do the idols and god priests finally stand with India?

There is solid evidence that, despite the storms, the civilian storm failed to rise. They are still there to witness historical character. Who covered the terrifying face of the Iranian government? Zafar Halali was special secretary in Benazir’s time. Zafar Halali’s family is known for diplomacy, their family migrated from Iran to India during the time of smuggling. In Iran, the family was associated with a very high degree. Benazir’s mother Nusrat Bhutto was also from Iran. According to Zafar Hilali, one day Benazir called on him, saying that the Iranian ambassador would be pleased with the kind of literature and cassette his embassy was distributing in Pakistan. This is causing a lot of problems for us.

Zafar Hilali summoned Iranian ambassador Mohammad Mahdi Akhundzada Pasni. Akhundzada was appointed ambassador to India for the first time after Iran in the Revolution of Iran. In Iran, direct recruitment to administrative positions and the Foreign Ministry directly leads the Council. Loyalty is the first prerequisite for a job revolution. Akhundzada continued on this condition. Akhundzada remained in Kufr in Pakistan from 3 to 5.

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