Mega Oil City to be Constructed in Gwadar Under CPEC

Ever since the C-Pack project began and the world has realized its importance. From that day onwards, the economy has been increasing anxiety and anxiety among the four players of the global economy. The nations appear to be split into smoke blocks. The focus is on Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and some European countries making it the focus. On the other hand, in the eyes of the US, India, Israel and Iran, there is a thorn in the air. ۔ With the presence of business powers and business interests in the subcontinent like Russia and China in the subcontinent, these forces will play an important role in establishing peace and security, and this project will also prove to be a very strong defensive shield for Pakistan. Kashmiris’ struggle for independence will also be strengthened, so the United States, Israel and India are busy working all night to sabotage the project.

C-Pack Project between South Asia and India

Meanwhile, after China, Russia is also trying to somehow make Afghanistan a part of the project so that the C-Pack project will get a merger with South Asia and India’s monopoly from Afghanistan will be eliminated. The backdrop, which has accounted for sixty percent of Afghanistan’s territory, has stepped up rapidly and lost its strength. Russia has long deprived India of its support by supporting Pakistan’s position in the Kashmir issue. All the world political analysts are currently commenting on the terrifying suicide bombing at the Red zone near the German Embassy in Kabul, the capital Kabul Kanine XI, saying that despite the Taliban’s detachment from the explosion, they were to be put in the Afghan government’s side.

Demonstration against the Afghan government

The head of Pakistan is destined to get the people of Afghanistan on the path of joining the C-Pack scheme by getting rid of the people of Pakistan and a plethora of protesters, but a big demonstration against the Afghan government has proved that they cannot succeed. Seven people, the victim confirmed that he considers Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah responsible for all the bomb blasts, and that Tub hart is now preparing to send 15,000 troops to Afghanistan in the name of a strategic agreement in Afghanistan and the United States wants to resign after being humiliated by Afghanistan. It should not only stay afloat in Afghanistan, but also for the benefit of its own interests and protection, and empower millions of thin Afghan rulers in Afghanistan to join the packet of Central Asia, which they could not find and the economic importance of the pack.

Flying Trump’s plane directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel, doesn’t that indicate a change?

On the one hand, they are playing with human lives to raise the road, and on the other hand they are also involved in the preparation of a major alternative route for breaking the pack. In this alternate route, Saudi Arabia’s Cabaret cooperation requires all four countries. India succeeded in securing a soft spot in the hearts of the rulers of Saudi Arabia through comedic flattery, achieving a major award and signing big projects. Iran, on the other hand, scooped up bases in Yemen to pressure Saudi Arabia, threatening Saudi borders and pushing the United States to sign the world’s largest arms procurement deal. The United States has said its role at this stage. ۔

The route that is active against the Israeli C-Pak project requires Saudi Arabia’s support, and it is receiving US assistance in this regard. After two and a half months, meeting the Prime Minister of Israel and the United States and Trump, and then meeting with Saudi Arabia’s authoritarian guardian, Washington trump, it was very meaningful and then some things went forward, Trump also visited Saudi Arabia and Israel.

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