Utility Packs and Oils, Resume Sales

There are more than 6 Hz utility stores all over the country, including City Quad, to supply cheap and quality goods to the public. The government announces a reduction in prices of several items during Ramadan that benefit the public. Utility stores are crowded wherever they are set up. Occasionally, outside these stores, long queues are set up to purchase other items, including sugar and ghee. The system also manages security in sensitive areas to protect the public.

Quality of Oil in Utility Stores

Utility stores are very popular in the administration’s own ghee and oil, their prices are lower than other ghee and oil available in the market while their quality is also better in public view. The Central Court took action on the complaint received by the apex court and banned the manufacture and sale of oil and ghee from certain companies, including oil and ghee from utility stores. A few days after the one-month closure, the ban on the manufacture and sale of utility stores has been lifted, proving the allegations of oil and oil allegations false. In the survey, the combined position of the public and store staff has emerged as they now wait for Ghee and oil to come to the center.

Prices of Oil in domestic companies and utility stores

The survey of oil and oil utilities of Utility Stores, which also received public opinion from the staff. In terms of prices, oils and ghee are available at Rs 112 while the same ghee and oils are sold in the general market for Rs 130 and above at Rs 160. If you look at this ratio, the difference of Rs 40 is for domestic companies and utility stores. Prices are found while the prices of oil and ghee from foreign companies are higher than those of the domestic companies. The lower and specific segment of the masses consumes these products abroad.

People also said that the ghee and oil available at utility stores is better than the ghee and ghee found in the markets. Due to the recent closure, we have to use other ghee and ghee from the markets which give us some relief. There is no feeling that we have any economic benefit. Some people have said that the way in which wheat and oil are being promoted at standard and low prices, the need is for the government to standardize other food products. As well as reduce their prices and make their availability in stores all the time, after the ban The public was not available with these utility stores and had to rely on others available in the market, but it is also worth noting that the sale of the utility stores affected the closure of the oil and gas. According to a cautious estimate, Utility Stores, whose number is more than 6,000 at the country level, suffered losses of billions of rupees due to lack of utility and oil. Now that the Supreme Court has lifted the ban, after which utility stores will make it possible to sell oil and ghee, they have to wait for the supply of ghee and oil from the center only.

Better Management of Utility Stores

A lawyer for the High Court who came to buy sugar said that the ban was not permanent but the Supreme Court had received a complaint that wheat and oil were non-standard, after which the Supreme Court postponed their sale. After the results of the tests and the results came to an end, the ban lasted for a month, but it was based on the fact that the people did not get access to the allegations and the oil was available and they were not available in the markets. The oil had to be used for economic loss, but now after the Supreme Court investigation and positive verdict, the people I have feelings of happiness.

The management of utility stores should make it possible to re-supply after the closure of the ghee and oil, and in this regard should perform a strong public service to further improve its efficiency. Wheat and other necessities, including oils, make routines less expensive and standard and make the delivery of these items at their stores easy and feasible.

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