Petrol Bomb Attacks, Cruelty To The Government

For the past few years, have you been watching TV or reading a newspaper for nothing other than heartbreaking news.

The heart wants to open the TV and not buy the newspaper, but then I think that even if the pigeon closes his eyes after seeing the cat, the cat will not refrain from eating it. Whether or not we watch TV, read or read newspapers, we cannot escape the cruel and cruel treatment of the ruling Nun. Now, watching the TV open in the evening or just watching the newspaper a few moments ago, I got to see and hear the same shocking news.

Use of Diesel and CNG

The festival holidays were not over yet, as Government announced the increase in petroleum products and CNG prices, as they dropped petrol bombs on the public. Everyone knows that the increase in the prices of petroleum products has led to the increase in the prices of all the commodities needed. Which always affects the general population. Diesel is used in steam vehicles and generators. Due to which transport and transportation costs are increasing. CNGs are commonly used in rickshaws, taxis and other small vehicles. Which also has an effect on the common man. It is only a matter of time now that the government has announced the increase in prices of all petrol products and CNG for the second time and the entire burden of surcharges on male cells in the income market is already under the burden of the masses.

Let us point out, that while petroleum products are expensive, increasing governance every week is not mandatory. Rather, it is not a manifestation. Paying money to the government treasury as it is easy. Therefore, the government ruthlessly increases petroleum costs to increase revenues. Otherwise, there are several options for increasing the tax revenues of the regime.

Inflation and Petroleum Products

But alas, the government does not care about the loss of treasures caused by the pension, nor does the collection of taxes from the elite on the wall appear in their lives. The government has made a definite choice to increase petroleum products, resort to inflation, which is the worst and worst case scenario. Even though we have a large amount of mineral wealth, they can be brought to bear, the government can increase the government’s treasury by reducing its expenditure or reducing the number of ministers. But sadly the government is not ready to do so. There is no strategy to support our industry, agriculture and business. Robbery, looting, kickbacks, commissions, extortion, sale of mulatto, and the prevention of illegal occupation of property are not anything but government possibilities. Due to rising oil prices around the world, many things are expensive. So they plan to keep the prices of food items accessible to the general public.

Petrol Prices Goes Down

And their prices are tightly controlled. We also had a slight increase in food intake in the district. The cabinet were called to a meeting to address the situation. But the government has no idea of ​​the problems of the people. And with great ruthlessness, people are constantly bombarding Peter Will. But the Judean rulers should not overlook that the people who brought them to power in the turbulent February 18, 2008, were determined to change their circumstances for the better. They have to go back to the people in the coming general elections. Therefore, avoiding further burden on the people. Avoid repeated petrol bombs. The Creator has been a very memorable test of God. Now, just do whatever you can to develop a breathing solution for the poor and marginalized.

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