Diesel Survival and Petroleum Prices

Whenever petroleum product prices fall or rise, the name of the diesel circulates in mind, even if not, obviously diesel is also a type of petroleum product but it is not just cars, machinery and generators, The economy has also played a significant role in Pakistan, diesel efficiencies have not diminished in the past and present governments of Pakistan, diesel has never been expensive in any era, whether it is cheap, federal capital or economic hub, Karachi, Pakhtunkhwa or Dera Ismail Khan. Diesel buyers appear in place; diesel prices fluctuate even before the 2000 election Eaten up, however, a big change has taken place after the election, the people have reduced their reliance on diesel, but after the formation of the government, once again the diesel has tried to restore its lost credibility in the market. However, failure has to be seen. In view of the adverse effects of kerosene, be it Kashmir or Siachen diesel has been needed all the time, every institution and every industry. As the winter season continues to increase, diesel has again begun to increase demand Diesel survival in the presence of CNG is at risk and perhaps after economic reforms, in the present and future dies, the scope does not remain…

Petrol Diesel Crosses, Where All the Government Goes

Winter capital is honored but there is only one gasoline pump, never gasoline, no Pakistani diesel available. The closure of Iranian oil where fishermen, landowners and transporters face problems will only increase unemployment, which the Baloch government has established. Seeing the compulsion of the people, they put black eyes on their eyes and allowed the people to trade in Iranian oil so that people do not get involved in drugs and other trades, which is causing the scandal of Iranian oil. , A well-known transport for oil shutdowns and the desire to see people unemployed Terminator Iqbal Shah Zee met with Chairman Customs and complained that the Iranian diesel business was being traded by the coaches. He said that after the complaint, various officers were transferred. Sale of their children’s jewelry, land and automobiles were taken in installments; law enforcement agencies stopped the vehicles and seized the oil to stop oil smuggling, but the vehicles were taken into custody. I contend that they made a commendable effort to eradicate social evils within the right country, but Iranian diesel money is in the country. Terrorists are getting it. Let the general public broadcast the program in this regard and after doing thorough research and demonstrating love for the people of Balochistan, the law enforcement agencies of Pakistan are well aware of the situation in Balochistan. In this situation, the people of Balochistan are going through critical stages. In this situation, the people living through the economic problems will not be less than a test. Employment should be framed so that people can live their lives with respect because hunger forgets the etiquette of civilization.

How long will the kinetic end of the public’s wounds be washed before gasoline and poured into it when successful?

After Karnataka, elections in four provinces came to a close. In all the studies it was revealed that BJP will lose in Rajasthan. The effect was that last month only petrol diesel prices were reduced in Rajasthan. Now it is learned that the situation in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh is also very thin, then the steam has been dropped all over the country. At the same time, the provincial governments of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh gave further exemptions. The people of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are watching this spectacle with awe-inspiring eyes and are thinking that the BJP government in our provinces will fall and declare an election so that the petrol flow, at least temporarily, is low. How long will people be cheated like this? When will the public understand that this dirty game of reducing inflation for a few months before the election and resuming robbery soon after the election victory?

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