Israeli Readiness To Attack Iran To Get Its Gas

According to the report, Saudi Arabia recently undertook an alleged exercise of suspending its defense systems to deal with external threats to give Israeli jets the opportunity to cross the Saudi airspace into Iran’s nuclear facilities. Destroy it by bombing installations.

My relationship with Jamshed Shirazi began when in 2008 I had the opportunity to travel to Tehran at the invitation of the Iranian government. During my one week stay, Shirazi not only gave me the full company but also met with Mayor Tehran and other Iranian leaders. We have been building email contacts ever since, and we often talk to each other about any major event or news in the Western media.

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Saudi Arabia has supported Pakistan at all times, especially because of the unprecedented support provided by the Saudi King and the government in the recent floods. I thought that this Times report was part of the Western media’s efforts to disrupt the Muslim. However, Shirazi said he had confirmed from various sources that the contents of the news were accurate.

I am offering this report to readers without giving any thought to this report. When the UN Security Council decided to impose sanctions against Tehran this week, Riyadh called on Israel to use the thin corridor of an airstrike in Saudi Arabia, the Times reported, citing sources in the Gulf. Willingness to allow. As a result, Israeli jets will be able to reduce the distance needed to attack Iran.

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To ensure that Israeli bombers pass through the Saudi airspace without interruption, Riyadh made a test case that his own jets could not react and the missile defense system would not activate. Saudi radar systems were also deactivated during this test. Once the Israeli planes pass, the kingdom’s air defense system will be fully alert again.

US defense sources in the region say the Saudis have allowed Israeli aircraft to pass through their territory. They have already done such exercises that Saudi jets will not move to destroy Israeli aircraft. All of this is done under an agreement with the US Department of State.

Sources in Saudi Arabia say defense forces in the kingdom are well aware that an arrangement has been made in the event of Israeli invasion of Iran. Despite the tensions between the two governments, both face a shared threat from Iran’s nuclear program. A defense source said that we all know that we will allow the Israelis to pass through our territory and not respond.


In the event of an attack on Iran, there will be four major targets for Israel, including the installation of uranium enrichment in Nantes and Qom, gas storage development in Isfahan and heavy water reactor in Ark. Secondary targets include the City of Bo City’s light water reactor, which, upon completion, will produce plutonium to produce weapons.

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These bombing targets are 2250 kilometers (1400 miles) from Israel, despite the facility being fueled by air. However, an open corridor from northern Saudi Arabia will greatly reduce this distance. Airstrikes will take part in a number of bombers, potentially crossing Jordan, northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq through airspace. Plane bombers on the Bushier will fly southwest via Kuwait while flying off the Gulf Coast.

Israeli aircraft will need at least a silent agreement with Washington to invade Iran via Iraq. So far, the Obama administration has refused to approve any such attack as it seeks diplomatic solutions to end the Iranian nuclear program. Military analysts say Israel has so far stopped only because of a failure of consensus between the United States and the Arab states. Military analysts suspect that a nuclear strike will result in the destruction of nuclear installations, as they are located deep in the mountains and in the mountains. However, if the recent sanctions prove ineffective, Washington’s pressure for Israeli military action will increase.

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