Petrol Diesel Crosses, Where All the Government Goes

When the camel comes down the hill, it knows the flow of lentil flour. When the BJP is away from power, they sometimes miss the temple, then they miss the inflation. These people sometimes raise the unemployment problem, sometimes raise the noise of corruption. Sometimes they shed tears for the farmers, sometimes they tell the story of the youth, but after winning the election, they become so engrossed in luxury. That they have nothing to do with the people and their problems. The national economy is at the forefront of fuel all the time and whenever the fuel market flames rise. Everyone Knox feels the urge to do so. Prior to the election, Modi ji exploited the sentiments of the people on the fuel issue and had a very happy dream. After that Baba Ramdev dropped the tax and had to reduce the cost of fuel, he also got bitter as people were thinking that in the good days, petrol diesel will be free.

The actual price of petrol

With the ‘fuel hit, this time the Modi government’, Modi made a comeback to power. By that time, crude oil prices were falling all over the world and it fell from $ 1 a barrel to $ 5 a barrel. It was a great opportunity for Modi to fulfill his promise. If Modi were far-fetched, he would have cut half the price of gasoline, not even a quarter. So today we could say to the people, that when oil became cheap, then we are lowering the price now. So we are forced to raise prices. No one complained about them, but they started raising taxes and kept putting pockets on public pockets. When people turned their attention to this, they boasted, “It is my good fortune, that as soon as I came to power, the price of mineral oil fell in the global market.” Modi has forgotten that when the good days of man come, he should do good deeds for the bad days, but the expectation of such a high capacity was futile.

How petrol prices are decided in India

Modi ji returned the money he collected to his own people for three years and hung it in Ambani and Advani. Now, in the election year, their bad days have come. Oil prices in the global market are rising in India too near petrol per liter, so says Jaitley ji, fuel prices are rising all over the world. So what do we do? The answer to the masses is when oil prices were falling all over the world, what did you do? The fact is, the BJP has foolishly considered the Indian people. In the past, when the popularity was high, the flow of gasoline was not dropped even during the provincial elections. After the shock in Gujarat, the brains came to a halt, so before the Karnataka elections, petrol prices were lowered, but after the election, this kind of forgetfulness was forgotten by the people, though the people of Karnataka lost lot of seats. ۔ Now if they could not form a government, what was the fault of them?

How long will the kinetic end of washing people’s wounds with gasoline before the election and when it is successful?

After Karnataka, elections in four provinces came to a close. In all the studies it was revealed that the BJP will lose in Rajasthan. The effect was that last month only petrol diesel prices were reduced in Rajasthan. Now it is learned that the situation in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh is also very thin, then all over the country the steam has been dropped. At the same time, the provincial governments of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh gave further exemptions. Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are seeing this spectacle with awe-inspiring eyes and are thinking that the BJP government in our provinces will fall and declare an election so that even petrol, at least temporarily, will be low.

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