Saudi Arabia conflict on Oil

Saudi Arabia and Iran’s ever-growing differences have left the entire Muslim world, including Pakistan, in deep concern. The consequences of this tension, which extends too many Arab countries, are shocking as it is devastating to the Muslim. The entire Pakistani nation wanted Pakistan to play its role in reconciling Iran and the Arab world. Leaders of various political parties in the country have also made statements regarding Pakistan’s mediation. Advisor to the Prime Minister of Foreign Affairs Aziz, during a talk last week, expressed the view that it would not be fair for Pakistan to play this role at the time, Pakistan would be ready for it in time.

What does Saudi Arabia use oil for?

Oil has expressed concern over the disputes between the two brotherly countries more than once. According to sources, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has convinced the two countries that the Muslim is suffering from extreme anxiety and anxiety due to their mutual tension and if the situation does not change positively, the Muslim world could be the target of unimaginable chaos and destruction. Therefore, the two countries should start peaceful and meaningful dialogue to end bilateral tensions, for which Pakistan is ready to make efforts. The struggle for Pakistani leadership came to an end and Pakistan received a green signal from the two brotherly countries for the role of arbitrator.

This strategy of Pakistan and its implementation by the Saudi and Iranian leadership is in line with the requirements. Saudi Arabia and Iran have accepted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s mediation because of Pakistan’s responsible behavior. Pakistan’s political and military leadership is on a “page” over the Saudi-Iran-Iran conflict, with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s army chief visiting Saudi Arabia and Iran. In national circles, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s role in ending tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran’s brotherly Muslim countries has been praised. The Prime Minister last week urged the “silent diplomacy” to end the mutual dispute between the two countries’ leadership. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has planned to visit the two countries on an emergency basis only after receiving a green signal from Saudi Arabia and Iran.

The conflict between Iran and US

Tensions have been around for a long time in Saudi Arabia and Iran, but tensions have escalated since the death of 47 people, including Shiite cleric Sheikh, in Saudi Arabia and the Saudi embassy in Iran. The conflict between the two countries has also increased the sectarian tensions in the Middle East to an alarming extent. Analysts say now that diplomatic relations between the two countries have been severed, it has raised concerns that Iran and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East will activate their own proxies against each other, making the Middle East worse than ever. The situation may get worse and the effects on Pakistan will have its consequences. The recent Middle East crisis has put Pakistan in a big test. According to sources, sectarian differences in the country and Saudi Arabia, Iran proxy war fears have forced Pakistan to mediate between the two countries. A senior Pakistani official told the source that we are not the only party in the Saudi-Iranian and Iranian conflicts, but the effects can be devastating for us. If Saudi-Iran relations continue to deteriorate, Pakistan can become a proxy war zone. Government In this situation we have no choice but to reduce tensions,” an official told sources.

Why did US put sanctions on Iran?

Prominent analysts and former diplomats called on Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Iran to end the tense situation between the two brotherly Muslim countries, and called the bold move towards unity and solidarity of the Muslim and the entire region. The eyes of its influence on regional and international affairs. The Prime Minister has taken the important step of meeting the leadership of both major Islamic countries and resolving their disputes through dialogue and dialogue.

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