Saudi Arabia’s 34-country alliance on Gasoline

December 14, 2015 – The Muslim world has become a nave for the defense of the world. When Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced at a press conference that 34 countries of the Muslim world had invited him to the defense negotiations ground. The alliance is welcomed. It will be headquartered in Riyadh and Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The United States began its acclaim as soon as it was announced so that it could use this alliance for its purpose and mislead the world. The United States did this so that the question arose in the minds of Muslims How the United States is supporting the Alliance can be a welcome to Muslim countries. It has always been the double standard of the United States. But on the other hand, Pakistan invades Pakistan and Aafia Siddiqui, daughter of Pakistan, is sentenced to 86 years in prison for unprovoked crime. Fight against Pakistan, the funding is also.

At the press conference, Prince Muhammad bin Salman said that the alliance would be aimed at protecting the Muslim nations, such as ISIS, from internal and external terrorism threats. If you look at the list of countries of this alliance, it is known. That the countries involved are either victims of terrorism or that they are facing internal and external threats. This alliance also includes countries that are concerned about the conspiracies against the mainland Herman Sharif. How to make conspiracies unsuccessful.

What countries does Saudi Arabia export oil to?

As soon as this alliance was announced, circles began to say why Iran, Iraq and Syria were not included in the alliance. All these levels were done to make this alliance controversial. The fact is, this alliance does not include terrorist countries where the governments of these countries do not have their own writing or their governments are ruled by their own masters at the command of foreign masters. The situation in Iraq is open to most people in most of these countries, and there is a certain minded government in the capital of Iraq that is engaged in the bloodshed of its opponents. I hold the government under the control of Western and regional powers, including Bashar al-Assad Russia. Even though the people are against it, now they are fighting for it. His army did not even place are now fighting Hezbollah, the Iranian military and government fighters were called from Iraq and Pakistan.

Free Gas in Iran

The biggest reason for excluding gas in Iran is the fact that Iran does not face any internal or external conspiracies and there is no threat of terrorism. The fact is that the US has broken only Sunni regimes in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq, etc. and Iran has not lost its hair. Now after that nuclear deal it has turned into hostile friendship. On the other hand, ISIS only. Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen and Pakistan carry out terrorist acts and to this day ISIS has not even given a statement against Iran.

It is clear to the whole world that Iran has peace on its own soil. Those Western powers, including the United States and Israel, which are considered Iran’s biggest enemies, did not invade the interests of the Arabian nation.

For those who say that this alliance is based on sectarianism, it is necessary for them to say that if it were a sectarian alliance, it would include a country like Lebanon which is considered to be the stronghold of the Shia organization, would not have happened.

The words that Prince Mohammed bin Salman said at the time of the announcement of this alliance indicate that communalism is superior to unity. He said, “This is not a Shiite Sunni unity. The temptations and problems facing the Muslim world have to be dealt with.

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