Why attack on oil reserves in Syria?

People in Iraq and Syria, known as ISIL and Syria, are known as ISIS and al-Nusra, and people express different views and opinions about them, but no one knows that the terrorists’ orchards Who is in the door, and who are the people who support them, and who is backing them, and why is this done?

All of these are questions that can be easily answered if a person takes a little time to work. Sometimes it is possible to answer many questions from one another. Now you will say how is this possible? The answer to that question is found through the question, yes there is something like that.

What is that second question? The second question is, who is benefiting from these operations by ISIS and other groups? Yes, if you find the answer to this question, then of course you will find the answers to all the questions I have mentioned earlier.

How high is Syria’s Natural gas Consumption?

I have mentioned in my previous articles that ISIS or “al-Daulah-ul-Islamia-Fi-Iraq and al-Sham” was created at the beginning of American and British military occupation of Iraq on US and UK imams if any of these past events and statements. With a little focus, one can easily understand that ISIS and al-Nusra or “al-Dawwala-ul-Islamia fe-Iraqi-ul-Sham” have received American sympathy and support in all respects and on every occasion, in the name of training and training of these fighters. Cooperation was sometimes used to help the oppressed people in these areas by giving those titles.

The saying that “the mystery of home is destined for Lanka” may have been heard by everyone, but US agencies have always benefited because they know that no country, whether Islamic or non-Islamic, should enter the US in the Middle East. That is why US agencies have always tried to create conditions in the East that would allow them to easily enter those countries and meet their lousy goals.

The US and its supporters have previously provided American arms to ISIS, and now when ISIS talks, ISIS is threatened by the United States and Arab countries, and the United States enters these countries to attack them. It wants to be the best example of the US drone strikes in Iraq and Syria, which clearly shows that the US is not destroying ISIS and terrorists, but their patronage, because the United States has drone attacks in Iraq and Syria. ISIS has either not been harmed at all or has suffered very little, but if viewed from the other side, Iraq and Syria, the amount of public money being wasted is not possible in any case.

The United States and Iraqi governments oil Reserves

This may be a surprise to those who do not read the news, but those who are interested in the newspapers know that US drone strikes have deliberately targeted military bases and oil reserves, as well as the United States, In order to propagate Judaism, he wants to present the unfaithful face of Islam that people begin to hate in the name of Islam, so that “no flute and no flute” will likewise be desired by the United States and Iraqi governments. There is no military power left nor capital, and then later, like many other countries, the United States and its supporters standing in front of you is something that America has long wanted and for which America has always been investing, but sadly Muslims will always fight and never try to identify their real enemy.

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