Is Saudi Arabia being tight around due to Gas Issue?

Do not let peace and tranquility happen. Is Pakistan Afghanistan Egypt Iraq Syria as if all the land of Iqbal’s dreams is to be wiped out. The ignorant think that they are safe, then what has happened to others.

How can we close our eyes on Palestine gas Project?

Is it possible? In Punjabi, the Guanadis say that the house is rotten and sec and other VC. If we do not live in an island today, if the Middle East is on fire, will Singapore Indonesia Malaysia survive? There has been an attempt to set up a new fire in the majority area of ​​the Shi’ite population. Which is less condemnable. In the past, Pakistan was called the Fort of Islam. Palestinian Kashmir when Muslims in Burma Thailand India. People also looked at Pakistan in a disaster. To me, General Musharraf’s great injustice to this nation is that he tried to end the pain. If you go to the bottom of Pakistan’s slogan first then you know that we are the only ones to go to Kashmir and Palestine. This slogan has tried to sink the two-nation ideology into a sea. No one has tried as much as Musharraf has tried to turn his face away from the beginning. Islam and Pakistan are on the brink of peace. If you follow Musharraf doctors, Kashmir also has to retreat.

If his life had been cut off by the adoption of Mahiya’s policy, I would have remembered an incident when Bush was threatened after Nineveh, and the second to Mecca. The option was not because the Americans showed eyes after the demolition of a building, and the occupants did not lie down. I was in Jeddah these days. The Pakistani Consulate’s top official said that today, the General made one prostration with a thousand prostrations. But what really saved us was we got out of trouble by standing up against the Taliban and jumping into the battle of others. If Chaudhry Nawaz was with me, he would surely ask him the same question. Such selfish thinking to go into the ravine. We are practicing demonstrations of our own enemy being killed in Baluchistan. The rising fire in Pakistan. The local is a little bit involved in the Arab world.

What is going to happen in Saudi Arabia on Agreements?

What happened yesterday in Qatif, Saudi Arabia, which was a peaceful peace so far, has been engulfed in this fire. The explosion in Qatif has opened a new path. With the help of the Uriah, who has been subjected to the Shi’ite population today? This question is very important. In the city of Qatif, the procession of Muharram is restricted to the city itself. What will be the effects of the explosion on the Shi’a population in the areas? Whatever the case, the adverse effects will be there. This is the one in which Iran has twice attempted to rebel. You look at the bombing that happened with Ismaili Shi’ite men who continued with the Hazara tribes in Quetta. Why the bargain was targeted. True, some forces are trying to surround Saudi Arabia. They include those who want to carry out Shiite Sunni riots. There have been threats from the side. Is this country being named after the Houthi rebellion in Saudi Arabia linked to Saudi Arabia?

The earthly God wants to break the parts of Saudi Arabia. At the same time as the First World War, the outbreak of this alteration is trying to change the map of the Arab world.

Is Saudi Arabia going to fall prey to a global conspiracy?

The simple answer is that any attempt to break the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would endanger the sacred sites of Muslims. Today, one who prays there at the same time will be replaced by many psalms like al-Saud in the past. The voices of Mecca and Medina are being used to bring the status of an independent city to Saudi Arabia’s interior security. I have written about this before, it has the potential. See, the culprits of the tragedy will soon be arrested and look for the sword. Stan and Turkey are two countries that can be called strong countries. If Musharraf’s doctrine is kept in mind, it would be selfish to do so. The Kingdom of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are already committed to defending each other in an agreement. We have made a historic mistake by not standing with Saudi Arabia in the Gulf War.

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