Look at the oil Look at the oil stream

From childhood, the idiot has been listening to “Look at the oil stream”, this idiom in the past century may have been played by an elderly person comforting the future with advice such as “watch and wait” but today when we go to fill the petrol in our motorcycle at the petrol pump, we follow the same axis and keep the pump nozzle with the tank covered and watch the oil flow and keep the blood flow in our body. Because in the case of droplets of oil from the nozzle due to meter tampering, the vehicle appears to be dropping in the tank while meanwhile, Blood flows from our heart to the brain during our stay. We pay only Rs 100 per day for petrol. Most gasoline cannot be filled because there is no extra money in the pocket, and its sensitivity has to be exalted by the other admirable idiom of the elderly of the time: “There will be no oil, neither will Radha dance”. Najana Radha Bibi used to dance to nine-man oils or to bathe in nine-man oils and perform dance oils and the oil was either mustard or clay.

The smell of mustard oil also adds to the bitterness in the throat, though before the soya bean and sunflower oils were cooked in cabinets, mustard oil was used in indigenous dishes; Sets the effects. Radha Bibi may be dancing in her drunken state, but the question arises whether in that period, oil was also sold on the basis of saturn or gallons instead of liters or gallons. By the way, it was a very cheap period, if today’s era, Miss Radha could not afford the “entertainment program” by buying nine teaspoons or even nine liters of oil. After rising vegetable oil prices, we tried to extract oil from the sesame seeds, but after the failure we had to repeat the phrase “there is no oil in these sesame”.

The Mughal kings invented Urdu language by integrating Lao Lashkar of 6992 languages, but after that the linguists began the process of inventing axes to enhance the purity of the language. Someone was criticized, admonished, or criticized in humble sentences, who would later take the form of axes. But perhaps even a century ago, our elders were the future Ben, whose language played in that era has become a reality in the present day. Due to smart inflation, everyone, including us, is repeating the bubble and the idiom mentioned above.

At one time, pulses were so cheap that people used to say psychologically or to show satisfaction that “just getting lentils, getting out”, but God knows that cheap times have made him a bit of a joke. In doing so, why did the phrase “this mouth … lentils”? Whatever the reason may be, due to inflation today, our mouth has not been able to eat lentils, including lentils. Often, lentils are also fed to bread and, due to economic misery, there are often “legumes in the shoes”.

Thanks to the fact that if there was actually a split, then the compulsory people would not refrain from making their food in the shoes. Our meat is out of stock due to the extremely low salaries of all kinds. Therefore, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpensive pulses and meat has to be taken out of the heart to be spent on cheap vegetables, but still cook chicken poultry for home-grown chicken dishes. While our dreams are often tampered with. What used to look like a cat first, but now cats have abandoned the dreams of lizards, but after the meat becomes expensive, butchers also save for sale by human beings like us instead of slaughtering dogs.

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