Oil should not run out!

Today everyone has to hear only the phrase in the language of everyone. What will happen now? Somewhere, gasoline is gone. Somewhere in the civil war everyone said what was happening now but somehow the vehicle of life was passing but once the public was shocked when other people were seized by the government in Yemen. Another news came that Saudi Arabia, along with Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, had planned to invade Yemen, and then the Saudi government had joined Pakistan in this war. This is one thing, now on the other hand, look at the person who stands on the brutal side of the IMF.

Does gasoline evaporate completely?

Will he help anyone whose situation is not right in his country? Our baby boy is ready to sacrifice his life for Hariman Sharifin but when Yemeni people violate Saudi Arabia’s borders, the Yemeni occupation group has called on the Yemeni government. Saudi Arabia said that it should not attack us, on the basis of suspicion and suspicion, he joined Yemen with other Arab countries. The air raid in which many innocent people have been killed and now there are no known and how many innocent martyrs will be killed. If attacks are carried out on suspicion and suspicion, Pakistan will also be attacked by Iran, India, Afghanistan and China.

How can he correct the situation of a country?

As countries should attack, maybe tomorrow they will invade Pakistan and take control of it, no doubt, wars will not be conducted on the basis of which, what was the view of the Prophet? There was a series of wars that all Arabs could unite to solve their problem with understanding, but they were attacked on suspicion and perhaps even when the Yemenis did not violate Saudi Arabia’s borders. Did not inflict war on them nor did it know that Saudi Arabia, along with Arab countries, attacked it in a hurry.

Why Saudi Arabia asked for help and support

It is clear then that no Muslim will sit in the house, but if there is a breach, then if there is no violation then the problem should be resolved with the negotiations and secondly, Pakistan should also take the stand that if the violation took place. So we will support you as Pakistan is trying to improve the situation of the country at the moment. I have succeeded to a great extent. Now if Pakistan gets its attention from here, then terrorism will become common. If Saudi Arabia is our friend, then Iran is also our friend country. If Saudi Arabia has supported Pakistan with difficulty. Iran too has never left Pakistan with Pakistan. If Saudi Arabia has given free oil to Pakistan, it does not mean that it will pay the price of innocent people of Pakistan. This war can also have a major impact on the world war and even if the world war does not start, it will have a bad impact on the economy.

How can you tell if gasoline is bad?

The poor cannot understand that if this is not the case, friendship is the oil of the people in the friendship, sir, this is the people, so if you do not have these people, will you rule the earth and the mountains, think if Iran joined Russia. If you invade Saudi Arabia, on the one hand, Saudi Arabia will stop the invasion of Iran and on the other hand will attack Yemen and if the attention is withdrawn, the history of the war will not be repeated. Attack on Saudi Arabia somewhere with the intention of revenge will be a global war indeed. It is not time for emotion and ego. This is a period of reconciliation. There is no blood, Muslims are brothers among themselves, let us live together and let others live. I would say, forgive the fighting, clean the house of Allah. He whom Allah pleases is not afraid of anyone. It can even respond with an enemy attack.

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