Oil works on burning, Israeli Prime Minister Visits without White House wishes

US President Obama on Israel’s nuclear program and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu on oil burns against each other is Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to the United States without the White House’s will.

The two oldest allies on the Iranian nuclear program have caused tremendous tensions between the United States and Israel. Netanyahu stand opposite each other over Iran’s nuclear program. The literal war between the two leaders has turned into a major political controversy. Israeli Prime Minister’s Visit to the United States without Burning of the White House, The State of the Union address came a day after the address. In which the US president warned Congress that if he imposed further economic sanctions on Iran, he would veto it. US President Barack Obama did not even meet Israeli Prime Minister during his visit to the United States.

Agreement between Israel and US

The White House has justified it because the meeting will be very close to the elections in Israel. Tensions between US President Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu over Iran’s nuclear program are mounting. Israeli Prime Minister of Iran No talks on nuclear program talks. At a keynote address addressed to the US Congress on Tuesday, Netanyahu announced that Iran related to a reduction in Iran’s nuclear program. The US agreement could jeopardize the survival of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Obama accuses them of abandoning their efforts to stop Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons. Obama and his top foreign policy official do not recognize Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s position, insisting that a compromise is the best way to overcome all such alleged threats. Kerry said the US president had made it clear that he would not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

Where does Israel get their Oil From?

Kerry said that these days, Netanyahu was against the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. US Secretary of State John Kerry is on a visit to Washington to confirm the agreement. Israeli Prime Minister is visiting Washington at a time when six world powers are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program. Nuclear talks between Iran and group Five plus Switzerland Are in downtown Monterrey. The Iranian delegation is led by Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Zarif while the US delegation is led by John Kerry. Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s nuclear energy agency, US Secretary of Energy Ernest Muniz, Iran and US Deputy Foreign Minister Syed. Abbas Iraqi, Majid Takht Ronchi and Wendy Sherman, Deputy Head of the European Union’s Foreign Policy Hulga Ishmit and Special Representative of the Iranian President Hussain Firdon are accompanied. The negotiations ended on Tuesday, the second round. During the talks, the sides discussed various technical issues.

The first meeting of the talks was held on Monday night for two and a half hours. Both parties have to finalize the framework of the agreement by March 30, so that a final agreement can be reached by June 30. The invitation to address Netanyahu or the Co-Congress is also disputed. Was invited to the address in Hull. This invitation was not accepted by the Obama administration. The Democratic Party is angry over the Republican Party’s invitation to address the Israeli Prime Minister to Congress. Several leaders, including Democratic leader Vice President Joe Biden, did not even attend the congressional address of the Israeli prime minister.

Is Israel in Debt

Some party leaders are feeling pressure to choose whom they want in President Obama’s or his desire not to offend Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, has also said that his the purpose of addressing the US Congress is not to insult the US President. Earlier, he addressed the US-Israeli lobby and said that he would not want to divide the opinion about Israel in the United States.

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